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Bernie Sanders Endorses Joe Biden, Says Their Campaigns Will Work Together

Senator Bernie Sanders has endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden for president. Senator Sanders made the announcement in a joint video stream with Biden Monday, five days after he suspended his own campaign.

Sen. Bernie Sanders: “Today, I am asking all Americans — I’m asking every Democrat, I’m asking every independent. I’m asking a lot of Republicans — to come together in this campaign to support your candidacy, which I endorse, to make certain that we defeat somebody who I believe — and I’m speaking just for myself now — is the most dangerous president in the modern history of this country.”

The pair said they were creating joint task forces on key issues including healthcare, the economy and climate change.

In other news about Joe Biden, executive editor of The New York Times Dean Baquet defended the paper’s decision to wait over two weeks to report on Tara Reade’s sexual assault allegation against then-Senator Biden, saying reporters needed time to investigate the story. The story was published Sunday, just days after Bernie Sanders dropped out of the Democratic primary. Baquet also said The New York Times deleted a key phrase in the piece referencing past instances of sexual misconduct by Biden, after his campaign objected to it. Click here to see Democracy Now!’s interview with Tara Reade.

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