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Bernie Sanders Promises to Question Biden Over Progressive Policies at Next Debate

In campaign news, Sen. Bernie Sanders said Wednesday he will continue his fight for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination and is looking forward to Sunday’s debate against Joe Biden in Arizona, where he promised to challenge Biden’s lack of support for progressive causes like the Green New Deal and Medicare for All. 

Sen. Bernie Sanders: “The American people understand that we cannot continue a cruel and dysfunctional healthcare system. And it is amazing to me to see that even in conservative states like Mississippi, there is an overwhelming understanding that we are now spending twice as much per capita on healthcare as do the people of any other country, while 87 million of us remain uninsured or underinsured. And this crisis, this absurd healthcare system, is becoming more and more obvious to the American people as we face the challenge of the coronavirus pandemic.”

With more than half of the U.S. population yet to vote, Sanders is trailing Biden by about 150 pledged delegates out of about 2,000 needed to clinch the nomination. After headlines, we’ll play extended remarks from Senator Bernie Sanders’s address.

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