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China and India agree to reduce tensions after deadly conflict

On June 15, a battle erupted, allegedly fought with fists, clubs and rocks, on the India-China border, in the Galwan valley, where both sides accuse each other of trespassing on their respective territory. This fight resulted in 20 Indian troops dead in brutal hand-to-hand fighting. This was the first time troops have been killed on their border since 1975 and marked a major downturn in the relationship between the two Asian giants.

Chinese foreign ministry spokesman, Zhao Lijian, said that after talks between the top regional military commanders on Monday, both sides “agreed to take necessary measures to promote a cooling of the situation”.

“The holding of this meeting shows that both sides want to deal with their disagreement, manage the situation and de-escalate the situation through dialogue and consultations,” Zhao told a regular news conference.

Indian media reports, quoting sources in the Indian army, have also said that the two nations have reached at a “mutual consensus to disengage” after hour-long talks.

China has said it suffered casualties but has not given more details. Indian media reports suggested there were more than 40 casualties on the Chinese side.