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Democratic Presidential Debate Relocated from Arizona to D.C. over Coronavirus Outbreak

The Democratic National Committee has announced Sunday’s Democratic presidential debate between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders will take place in CNN’s studio in Washington, D.C., instead of in Arizona, due to the coronavirus outbreak. There will be no live audience.

On Thursday, Senator Sanders called on President Trump to declare a national emergency and for everyone in the country to be able to get the healthcare they need without cost.

Sen. Bernie Sanders: “If there ever was a time in the modern history of our country when we are all in this together, this is that moment. Now is the time for solidarity. Now is the time to come together with love and compassion for all, including the most vulnerable people in our society, who will face this pandemic from a health perspective or face it from an economic perspective.”

Senator Sanders also called for an immediate moratorium on evictions, foreclosures and utility shutoffs during the crisis. On Thursday, the Miami-Dade Police Department announced its officers would not assist with evictions during the pandemic outbreak.

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