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Joe Biden and Liberal Judge Jill Karofsky Win Wisconsin Election Marred by Coronavirus Threat

Joe Biden has won the Wisconsin primary. The results came in nearly a week after voters risked their health amid the coronavirus outbreak to cast their ballots, after state Republicans and the right-leaning Wisconsin Supreme Court quashed efforts by Democratic Governor Tony Evers to delay in-person voting. Thousands of voters won’t even have their votes counted, as the state was unable to cope with the influx of demand for mail-in ballots and the U.S. Supreme Court refused to extend the absentee deadline.

In another highly anticipated race, liberal Judge Jill Karofsky defeated Republican-backed incumbent Daniel Kelly for a seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Kelly was appointed by former Governor Scott Walker. Karofsky’s win means the state’s highest court will now have a 4-3 conservative lean. Observers say the Wisconsin justices refused to delay last week’s race in hopes that a lower turnout would favor the conservative candidate.

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