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Joe Biden’s Brother Faces Fraud Allegations over For-Profit Hospital Ties

Joe Biden’s younger brother is facing allegations of financial fraud in civil court proceedings. According to a lawsuit filed in federal court by a pair of medical firms, James Biden promised investors at the for-profit hospital chain Americore Health that he’d leverage the Biden family name to attract a large investment from the Middle East. The money never materialized, and Americore has since entered bankruptcy proceedings — but not before James Biden allegedly walked away with a $650,000 personal loan from the company that he has yet to repay. Politico reports James Biden introduced Americore’s founder to his older brother Joe Biden at a September 2017 fundraiser for the Beau Biden Foundation. A Biden campaign spokesperson denied Joe Biden ever discussed Americore with his brother or expressed support for the business. James Biden’s ties to Americore came under increased scrutiny following an FBI raid on the company’s Ellwood City hospital in Pennsylvania in January. The reason for the raid is unknown.

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