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New York City Enters Its Broadest Reopening Yet

As the city enters Phase 2, many offices will reopen and thousands will return to work.

New York City has been the epicentre of the virus. More than 100 days ago, buildings across New York shut their doors and companies sent their workers home. As the coronavirus pandemic swept across the city, lockdown orders left offices dormant, stores shuttered and streets and sidewalks almost abandoned — a sight that is incredibly rare for the city that never sleeps.

However as the lockdown has caused cases and deaths to significantly slow down, New York City is taking a major step to enter a much larger reopening phase, allowing thousands of offices to welcome back employees for the first time since March.

Many companies are still allowing workers to work from home for the foreseeable future. In a survey conducted this month by the Partnership for New York City, respondents from 60 companies with Manhattan offices predicted that only 10 percent of their employees would return by Aug. 15.

This step toward pre-pandemic normalcy is the city’s biggest yet. It will pose a major test for continued efforts to keep the coronavirus at bay with hundreds of thousands of people projected to return to jobs that keep them in enclosed spaces for hours at a time. It will also be an indicator for the world on how to resume life with Covid-19.