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Ownership Structure

Next Gen News is a complete private company under CloudKibo. We are committed to transparency in our ownership structure and funding sources.

We were founded in January, 2020.

We serve a general audience with interest in news related to Politics.

We have a working staff of 6 people plus CEO.

Our donors and sponsors do not influence our reporting.

Next Gen News is open to a wide range of financial support because we believe the more diverse our revenue sources, the more solid our independence. We have adopted a set of principles that enable us to accept this support while safeguarding our reporting from the influence of our supporters.

  • Major contributions from foundations and individuals:  Accepting funds from foundations and individuals is a necessity for Next Gen News’s financial viability, but those who contribute do so knowing that our only duty is to our mission. In some cases, we accept funding to cover certain topics, if we were going to cover those topics anyway. We never accept funding for specific story ideas. Feedback from major supporters is treated like that of any entity: we listen to the feedback, but ultimately, decisions about our editorial direction are Next Gen News’s alone. We recognize that foundations are sometimes major players in the stories we cover, and we don’t shy away from covering these stories. When we cover the work of foundations that support Next Gen News, we disclose the relationship for the sake of full transparency.
  • As a news organization that values transparency, Next Gen News will always disclose the sources of gifts larger than $1,000 — both to staff and to readers.
  • Website and newsletter sponsorships: Sponsors cannot influence our decisions about what to cover and how. We acknowledge sponsors on our websites and in our newsletters. We reserve the right to reject a sponsorship if we believe the content is misleading, fraudulent, or distasteful, and in no way does a sponsorship represent an endorsement from Next Gen News. All content will be clearly labeled to be distinguishable from Next Gen News’s editorial content.
  • Events sponsorships: Event sponsors are recognized at events and in Next Gen News’s marketing materials, but they do not co-create or influence event content. If sponsors make announcements or distribute materials at events, Next Gen News will describe this as a paid sponsorship.
  • Jobs board: Next Gen News’s jobs board is a service to our community of readers. Job postings do not represent an endorsement from Next Gen News of particular organizations, and the composition of postings on our jobs board does not, at any time, reflect our preferences or opinions.
  • Donations from readers: Next Gen News gladly accepts contributions from our readers. As with other donations, there is no expectation that supporting Next Gen News will influence reporting decisions.

We acknowledge that new revenue strategies will be developed in the future that may require additional enumeration of relevant ethical policies. We assume, however, that the underlying principles will be the same, even as our strategies for serving our audience and generating revenue develop.