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Remdesivir will be exempted from taxes on import in Pakistan

The government of Pakistan has exempted the taxes and duties on the import of Remdesivir. Remdesivir is a safe and effective drug that is being used to treat coronavirus patients

The decision was made as the diseases continues to spread rapidly in the country, with more than 185,000 infections and over 3,700 deaths recorded so far.

The notification from Finance Minister read that the Federal government has exempted “the import of finished drug Remdesivir 100mg Injection and injectable solution 100mg vial (PCT 3004.9099) from whole of the customs duty and additional customs duty”

Last week, government had also exempted taxes on the import of other various healthcare equipment, including goggles, face shields, N-95, surgical, ventury masks, nitrile and latex gloves, gum boots, and biohazard bags

Other items exempted from import and custom duties included PCR system and real-time PCR kit for the detection of coronavirus, micro centrifuge and refrigerated centrifuge machine, viral RNA extraction kit and machine, viral transport medium (VTM), ICU motorized patient beds, and oxygen recovery kits.

The exemptions will be in effect till September 30, 2020.