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Zoom added almost 100 new features to its video conferencing

Zoom said on Wednesday that they have added over 100 features in their video conferencing as per 90 days plan to undertake security and privacy concerns

Zoom saw a great surge in their users after the pandemic caused global lock down forcing many people to work from home and children to take online classes. As the users surged, zoom had to face backlash due to loopholes and vulnerabilities in security.

However Zoom has quickly addressed these issues in a 90 day plan which was outlined on 1st April. Zoom also hired several security experts, including former Facebook security chief Alex Stamos as a consultant, to address privacy concerns. Now after the completion of 90 days, zoom has updated the security and privacy concerns in the application with almost 100 new features.

Zoom announced that they will provide end-to-end encryption for video calls to all users (paying and free). The trial version will be launched in July.

Last week, Zoom also made another important designation change. Former Inc security executive Jason Lee was appointed as their chief information security officer.